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SCEPTRHOOD Tackles Domestic Violence

SCEPTRHOOD Tackles Domestic Violence

1 in 3 women are victims of domestic abuse in their lifetime. It's not something we always see but we hear about it after the fact. But our sisters all over the world are dealing with this. We believe that it's OK to talk about these things.

In this video, Andrea of the SCEPTRHOOD and Samina talk with Kate Augilar as she shares her story of finding strength, power and hope to overcome struggles with domestic abuse. 

The one way to understand what someone is going through? 

Samina shares that the best way to get an understanding is by listening to the stories your sister shares. Listening to hear what they have been through to out yourself in their shoes without judgement. 

Kate shares about her emotional abusive relationship while working 3 jobs and far away from her family in the Philippines at the time. Feeling isolated and being a creative, it effected her role as she was unable to tap into her full creative potential. There's also a sadness, disappointment in seeing the relationship fail.

"Where did I go wrong?"

"Could I have done something differently?"

"Could I do anything to save it?"

Self-blame is a common theme with abuse and being a woman it seems like it's almost second nature. However, for Kate, she realised that a cheating partner put things into perspective that it wasn't her fault at all. So those questions turned to:

"What do I want for myself?"

"Do I love myself?"

"Did I love myself?

Kate recalls the lowest point when she started thinking of taking her own life and questioning herself. Now, she finds a huge importance in loving yourself but also important of telling people or future partners how you want to be treated. Mutual respect is very important in a relationship but having the same goals in life is the key to a good relationship. 

She recommends all women who are suffering from domestic abuse:

1. To have something for themselves. Follow your passion to do what you want so it's not all about him.

2. Get yourself financially independent. So you don't have to rely on a man to survive or to take care of the children.

You are not alone, the SCEPTRHOOD is here to support you. Please join us in our PRIVATE Facebook Group here.


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