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SCEPTR® Cosmetics was born and raised in Singapore in 2019. Founded by renowned makeup coach Samina Malik. After 10+ years servicing clients to help them love their beauty through her custom makeup lessons and shopping for the right products she was unhappy with current solutions, she took on the responsibility to create products that are practical and easy to use.

SCEPTR® Cosmetics is Proudly Cruelty-Free Vegan and Halal Friendly. We do not use parabens or toxic ingredients. We take pride in our uniqe formulas using rich pigments mixed with skin loving ingredients to give you a luxurious finish that lasts all day.

“Makeup can be a powerful tool, but it needs to be realistic too!”

Today's modern busy beauties don't want to spend hours of their precious time in front of the mirror, they have far more important things going on as well. We get you all! We are creating LONG LASTING easy to use products and tools to ensure you look beautiful, EASILY & FAST. 


We were voted into Beauty Insider SG's "Best New Beauty Brands in 2020" and founder, Samina Malik was awarded with  2 Awards, The Finder's Expatpreneur Award 2020 & a special award, The Pay-It-Forward Award for her efforts donating hand sanitizers to migrant workers during Covid-19





Samina Malik worked with names such as Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay and The Makeup Store. 

SCEPTR® Cosmetics started with Samina Malik sketching out her perfect beauty tools and product ranges that would hopefully make our makeup application easier, last longer and be practical.

Each product is created with the modern women of today and tomorrow in mind. Times are changing and so is how we make up! We're dedicated to bringing you products that multitask, are quick, last all day and feel like nothing. So go ahead, conquer your day and feel confident doing it too, we have your back!

SCEPTR® Cosmetics works with a range of global and properly regulated manufacturer who all hold multiple certificates of various ISOO Health & Safety, GMP Compliances. Our products and supply chain go through rigorous stability tests and safety tests to ensure our customers are in safe hands with every product they apply. 

Do what you do best, we are here to support our SCEPTR® Women.

I want SCEPTR® Cosmetics to be the easy beauty solution for us, today’s modern woman. I have created makeup products that will multitask, last all day and have also invented patented beauty tools all uniquely designed with you in mind.” - SAMINA MALIK, Founder



SCEPTR® Cosmetics, the makeup brand that wants to inspire us to focus on inner beauty and our inner strength as well as our outer beauty. We know that there is more to women than what's on the outside, we have stories, journeys, accomplishments, responsibilities and we work hard! We celebrate you, your inner you, the soul that makes you shine with beauty from the inside out. Putting on your makeup just compliments your inner beauty and we couldn't be more proud to be part of you. 

Our SCEPTRHOOD community is created to share stories of inner beauty, inner strength and the power we have inside to create a better future through supporting each other. Founder Samina Malik is a strong believer that women should empower women, which is evident looking at her focus un uplifting a women's confidence through her popular makeup lessons, her collaborations with fellow female entrepreneurs and female start ups and the Sceptr Fund. 


With our mission to bring the superficial out of the beauty industry and lead by example of empowering women to be each others strength and support, we have dedicated 10% of the profits generated by SCEPTR® Cosmetics to go towards the SCEPTR FUND which will be given as seed money to a fellow sister in a developing country to help her on her journey into entrepreneurship. 




" I wanted to change the very superficial beauty industry that I have been a part of, I purposely chose not to be that makeup artist you would call to transform you momentaruly into a beauty. I didn't want women to only feel confident when they paid someone to make them look beautiful, I knew REAL CONFIDENCE CAME FROM WITHIN and this is why i decided to become a Personal Makeup Coach. I have always looked at bringing someone up and with the beauty industry bombarding us with perfect faces it was no wonder why many women felt overwhelmed. depressed and doubting themselves. With SCEPTR® Cosmetics I knew I had to shift the focus of outer beauty and focus on our inner self and doing good for others. We see our products as ways to give you a little happiness and a way we all can help empower others. We are not all about the $$$$, we want to make enough to give enough that can make a difference to someone's life. We ask that all our SCEPTR FUND recipients adhere to giving 10% of their profits also to women in developing countries to help them towards financial independence creating a domino effect of GIVING BACK and thus helping to create a more Socially Sustainable World, a better tomorrow for our future. I hope to inspire the rest of the beauty industry to follow this challenge and prove that we are more than making pretty faces, we are about making beautiful world"

Samina Malik 

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