Sceptr Fund


On a mission for a better tomorrow, Success of SCEPTR® isn't just about accumulating profits... 

It's to see another woman achieve her dreams. 


We have dedicated 10% of the profits generated by SCEPTR® Cosmetics to be given as seed money to a fellow sister in a developing country to help her on her journey into entrepreneurship. We are hoping that will help her lead to sustaining financial independence for herself and her family. Then we she reaches such a milestone she, pays it forward for another sister. Just like the domino effect of doing our part. That is true success, not just $$$$.  


Let's build another woman up together. 


→ Are you in need of funding for your business? Please fill out our CONTACT US form with the subject Sceptr Fund and put as much detail on there. That way we can learn about you before we jump on a Zoom call. 

→ Just want to say Hi? Or get involved with helping another woman with the SCEPTR FUND? Please email us.

 Watch our Founder Talk about our Sceptr Fund on various Podcasts.