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Before You Click-through, Can You Guess Which 5 Makeup Products Are the Best Multi-taskers?

Before You Click-through, Can You Guess Which 5 Makeup Products Are the Best Multi-taskers?


I bet you have a couple of items in your makeup bag that you've used only once. 

Not just one use for it. 

But only, one single time EVER!

It happens, you don't have to beat yourself up. Dust off your shoulders and get ready to learn some of the best multi-taking makeup products that you can use to cut back on your makeup waste.

Let's put those lonely, one-time-used products back to work, shall we? 

Here are the 5 Makeup Products that Are the Best for Multi-tasking from a Pro Artist

Color corrector
Using a color corrector will allow you to use lesser concealer/foundation to avoid a thick cakey look. I like to use an orange or peach toned cream lipstick to correct when I’m in a hurry. 

Double up your foundation as concealer by letting it sit for a minute or two! This will make the formula a little bit thicker and provide you with more coverage. For lesser coverage mix some foundation with moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer.

Eye Shadow
I personally use a matte brown shadow for eye liner. I first apply a tiny bit on my lids and then go in with a slightly damp thin brush to darken the coloor. This is definitely less harsh and more forgiving in case of any mistakes.

I like to double up my older mascaras for my brows on days I don’t feel like filling them in and making them look really defined.

Lipstick is a staple makeup product which women have in their makeup kits. I bet we have tons of them if not for at least one. Growing up, I only saw my grandmother apply face powder for makeup. If it was an extra special event, she wore some coral lipstick. However, I saw my mother doing a little bit more. She would apply some lipstick on her cheeks as well for blush.

This always intrigued me.

As time passed on, we have become so adjusted to having so many different formulas now compared to the standard cream lipsticks. With liquid lipsticks, we can even use them as eye shadows. As these dry matte, it doesn’t leave a tacky residue which makes your lids feel heavy. They’re long lasting as well and don’t crease as the day passes by.

I hope these tricks and tips help you save a little money during these times. We should all do our part and strive towards a less wasteful makeup industry as much as we can!

Written by - Ariella Sneha Naidu, Makeup Artist

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