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Sceptr's tête-à-tête with model and mum, Sabrina Sikora

Sceptr's tête-à-tête with model and mum, Sabrina Sikora

Sceptr's Founder interviews Sabrina on the lessons she learnt as a model and learns more about this incredibly talented woman.


We at Sceptr Cosmetics salute women who show integrity, value, strength, kindness and are ready to be a support to women. One such woman we are in awe with is the very beautiful from the inside and out, Sabrina Sikora. Mum to two this model, photographer, stylist and influencer (though she doesn't like the term) is the epitome of style with her gorgeous Instagram looks that leave us wanting to buy everything she puts on. From fashion, to jewelry to makeup. 

Samina and Sabrina decided to collaborate on a shoot combining Samina Malik's makeup artistry, Sceptr's new Powerglass lipglosses and Sabrina's modelling and photography skills. The result was magic! 

Sabrina wearing POWERGLASS lip gloss in KIRAN


After the shoot the women sat down to talk about Sabrina's life as a model, a mother and her journey so far. Sabrina is very well known in Singapore as a big supporter of small businesses and her Instagram feed is full of wonderful inspirations from a myriad of local brands. 

Samina starts her questions;


1.Would you recommend modeling to your daughter? Why?

Wow. Big questions straight out the gate. Frankly, I won’t push it or even recommend that she goes for it. If she comes to me later and says she wants to do it then obviously I will support her in every way possible and be her biggest cheerleader. Same goes for my son if he has an interest. I now have a wonderful contact list and a confidence in cities that I never had growing up which they can benefit from but both kids need to know, before we dive into the world of fashion, that she and my son are already beautiful and worthy and do not need to prove themselves to me or anyone else. Their future and self-worth do not revolve around their measurements.


2. What did you learn from the good and bad side of the fashion world?

Let’s start with the good! I learned how to carry myself, navigate cities, model down to my toes, command a presence when needed, handle myself in different situations/environments, how you can always be helpful on set (no job is beneath you) and how to work with a team. I learned that there are so many career paths that lead to the shoot or show one is on and that modeling does not have to be the end game. It can be the launch pad to a lifelong career in the industry. And there’s room for everyone if you work hard, are helpful, and are kind.


From the bad parts of the industry, I learned to stand up for myself, ask for what is due me, tell people no, and trust my gut. One big takeaway that I have used time and time again is that “I have always gotten where I needed to go.” No matter how lost or upset I got hunting for some hidden casting I always found it. So now when I am lost (which is far less thanks to smart phones and gps) I don’t get flustered. I just take a deep breath and try another staircase or another door. Literally and metaphorically. There is more than one way to get where you need to go.


3. Why photography?

I am a very visual person. You can tell me something 10 times but unless I see it in print it won’t stick. Even modeling I saw all the details of the image which helped when shoots were small-budget and I needed to do the styling too. By knowing my body and the shapes it could make I could envision what the photographer was seeing. This made switching to the other side of the lens an obvious choice to me. I could already see the image I wanted to make. I had shoots rolling around in my brain that I wasn’t the right look for so hiring a model and setting it up myself felt like a great way to get the creativity out. It just came down to learning the technical side of the craft and the lighting. I make it sound easy with that one sentence, but this comes from many years of trial and error and hundreds of shoots! Biggest tip: Lighting is everything.


4. Who inspires your style?

My best girlfriends! I love how they each own their own look and, after years of being the walking hanger that everyone else drapes their inspiration on, I was finally able to take charge and claim what my style was. My girlfriends helped me find my confidence in owning my look. Yes, I’m tall and yes it’s okay to stand out!  I love big accessories, full skirts, texture, animal prints, and sequins.  Save the drama for this mama! 


5. Why do you support small businesses?

I spent my modeling career clambering to get noticed by the big brands, and I am grateful that I got to work for many of them through runway, print, and tv work. But as I have aged and moved around, I have realized just how much work it takes for those brands to get to those levels. I have seen so many incredible creatives, mostly women, that are busy brand-building and making their dreams come true. They are using their education and wits to create something new and interesting and I see how hard they work to get magazines/press and the public to take notice.


I met many local labels in Hong Kong through shoots and in writing for Sassy Hong Kong where I was encouraged to go out and discover what makes HK unique and interesting. It turned out that many of these designers and creatives became amazing friends that I was happy to support through my writing but more often than not by simply wearing the clothing/ accessories and telling everyone where I got it! That’s when I realized that you are supporting the local creatives, the local economy, and helping someone that you know make their dreams come true. And that feels pretty damn good! And it’s even better when the label has a social/ environmental component to it. Win win!


 Sabrina wearing POWERGLASS lip gloss in NYLA


6. What does inner beauty and strength mean to you?

Strength is the power to keep moving forward- no matter how small the step is. And inner beauty is the kindness that shines through everything you do.


7. If you could do one thing to change the industry what would it be?

It would be to have people take a breath and choose their words more thoughtfully. So often a client would be tired from a long day of castings and stressed to get the whole production sorted and would tell me to my face what exactly was wrong with me. That can be very hard for a young girl to hear especially when I was hearing it day in and day out. Yes, there were clients that were very positive and uplifting, but of course hearing what is “wrong” with you is what you cling to. If I could change something it would be to add a dash more kindness to the industry. The fact that the fashion world is becoming more inclusive is helping towards that as well as now models don’t have to conform to old industry standards which is such a refreshing change to see.


8. What do you have to say about women today? Inspiring words on this?

It’s better than it’s ever been before but we still have a long way to go. But when I see the steps that have been made, even in the last few years (and especially in the last week!), I know we are headed in the right direction. My family is filled with strong women- women that were the sole breadwinners, who also raised the kids after much hardship, and they demonstrated how to take care of you while leading your children. They showed me to never waste and opportunity and to be open to new, exciting, and sometimes scary steps forward. They taught me to network, to always be kind, to be honest, and not to burn bridges because this world is too small and we all have to rely on each other. Women, help other women. We don’t need to compete. There is so much room at the top. And I’d rather have a big party with all of my friends up there than be standing at the zenith all alone.


9. What do you love about our products?

I love how incredible your shade ranges are, they are beautiful shades and I love the pigmentation of your POWERMATT range. With one layer I have instant color payoff! My absolute favorite thing about your matte liquid lipsticks is that they LAST ALL DAY AND DO NOT SMUDGE OFF, NOT EVEN ON YOUR MASKS! I really enjoy putting your lipsticks on under my masks because 
I know for sure, the lipstick will not transfer off on my fancy masks when I go out. I also love the richness and depth of the colors and the hydrating nature of the glosses. It’s really amazing how much power and color these POWERGLASS glosses pack!

Sabrina wearing POWERMATT in shade GENIE


We Thank Sabrina for being an inspiration to us and for always being such a sweetheart! You can see her across her own and our Instagram pages and our Website sporting our POWERMATT and POWERGLASS glosses . Thank you for being such a wonderful support xx


More on Sabrina Sakora...

Sabrina Sikora is a professional model, photographer, and local label enthusiast. As a model Sikora has worked with brands including Harper’s Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, Tom Ford, Maybelline, and Chanel. She was also once named the “World’s Highest Paid Lip Model”. Drawing on her knowledge and experience as a model she transitioned to work behind the lens as a fashion and portrait photographer. Her work has been seen in The New York Times, WWD, Vogue India, and How to Spend It, among others, and has shot for brands including Club Monaco, Tumi, Marks and Spencer, and L’Dezen. Sabrina currently blends these two skill sets and focuses her efforts on shining the light on women-led local labels from around the region. When she is not dancing with her two kids, ages 4 and 6, she can be found swishing skirts, over accessorizing, and encouraging others to shop local!

Follow SABRINA on Instagram @sabrinasikora

Visit her website :

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