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Why Working with Someone Who Is Trained in Corrective Fitness After Birth is So Important

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SCEPTRHOOD Talk with Health and Fitness expert Amanda Lim, Consulting Director of Peak Health Consultancy. In this female-focused talk, we zero in on prenatal and postpartum fitness, nutrition and the importance of strength training.

Amanda will also tell us about her new health and lifestyle venture called The Butterfly Project. New Mom, Amanda also is the inspiration behind SCEPTR® Cosmetics' own "Amanda" POWERMATT lipstick!

Amanda shares that for most women it's good for them to lift-weights, bear resistance training during the entire pregnancy. That will help you come out on the other side with a leg up. Meaning you'll have an easier, faster recovery no matter what type of delivery option you end up going with for the birth. 

She recommends after birth you do 2 things before starting any new exercise program... even walking:

  1. Find a physician.
  2. Find a corrective exercise specialist. 

It's important to find the people who are trained in this correctiveness. Working with someone who knows your body and the state it is in is crucial. Maybe the trainer you had before you were pregnant is fantastic, knowledgable and great at what they do may not be great for you with a pregnant body. And that's OK, sometimes you need to stop activities during pregnancy but you can always return to them. 

During the psychological changes there are also things you should have in place to get through this huge transition in life. Amanda suggests having a team to feel more empowered and prepared. 

Here's who you should have on your team during pregnancy to keep your fitness and health in check:

  1. Your partner
  2. Women's Health Physio
  3. Women's Health Chiropractor 
  4. Corrective Exercise Personal Trainer 

We don't have to do things alone anymore like our mothers did. That's why having a team and community is important. And that's why we created the SCEPTRHOOD community. Join us in the private Facebook Page here.

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Photo by Marisa Buhr Mizunaka on Unsplash

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